EGR Delete & DPF Removal

EGR problems and DPF problems can be some of the most problematic things facing diesel motorists today and there is options of deleting these as part of our remapping service.

Prospect only use the best quality tuning files that will maximise the potential of your motor in a safe way. All files have been developed by leading automotive engine tuning provider Viezu.

EGR problems and DPF problems can be a real headache for diesel motorists today. Issues with these parts can cause engine warning lights on the dash, poor fuel consumption, the car going into limp mode (the last thing you want at the best of times, let alone if you are on a long journey or a fast-moving road), and general poor running of the vehicle.

Fortunately we offer EGR delete as part of our engine remapping service. The manufacturers’ replacement parts are very expensive and there are no guarantees they won’t fail again. Although generally only recommended for off-road use, EGR delete and DPF delete are in fact good permanent solutions for these issues.


We don’t currently offer a DPF removal service, but can fit replacement pipes at our private workshop and we can get rid of the warning lights as part of our remap process.

Inside view of a blocked EGR
(Exhaust Gas recirculation) valve



If you are considering EGR removal don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how this could benefit your vehicle and give you peace of mind for the future. The EGR delete process is something that we can carry out at a time and place convenient to you using our tried and tested professional software. EGR removal only takes a few minutes when combined with one of our Viezu remaps and would eradicate your EGR problems.

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